Beauty Day

Good day ninimushas! As I’m sure you all have done, or just about to do so, I had a beauty day today.


I kind of just slouched around in my pyjamas as I had a day off and felt like it would be nice to catch up on replying emails and claim my tax back! Whoo! Having done the productive duties of my day, I decided I’m going to award myself and a week’s hard work with some pampering!
First I heat up a pan of wax on the stove. Who doesn’t want shiny (but sore) legs and tidy eyebrows?
I like to start with the wax as it obviously sticks better to your skin before applying any creams.
Then I ran myself a nice hot bath while filling a wine glass with some ice and kombucha tea. If any of you don’t know, kombucha is a sweet black tea fermented from a special type of mushroom (eek, sounds absolutely horrible but trust me it’s nice and so beneficial) that contains over 50 different types of probiotics, organic enzymes and vitamins.. Yeah baby! Wine glass optional, it looks way classier than a dirty big pint glass though innit? 🙂
Before I get into the bath, I like to clean all my makeup off as it’s better to sit in there with clean pores, just like you wouldn’t sit into a sauna with makeup on, would you? Hope not!
I always use and swear by all Soap & Glory stuff, and so my bath today smelt of brown sugar, almond and milk cookies! Whaaaat?? Life doesn’t get better than that (Soap & Glory – Foamous Body Wash).
When you’re done with all your bath fun, like reading a book (I read Inferno written by Dan Brown) or listening to music, you can start cleaning off and buffering your skin.
Today I opted for a home made scrub as I tend to scrub once a week and do it reeeeal good. This recipe is really strange but gets the best results! Mix whatever body wash you’re using (Foamous mmm!) with some finely ground coffee (not the instant one guys!) to the consistency you want. Scrub hack; don’t overload on coffee as this stuff is reeeally efficient anyway. Leaves your skin as soft as a little fluffy kitten! It even gives you a hint of colour because of the coffee. It’s a must try, and so cheap to create.
I washed my hair with Trèsemme Renew Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner because it contains sunflower oil – this little oil is really beneficial for your hair and I know every time I have used it, my hair really really thanked me for it.
I always put on a face mask after my bath, as I think my pores are now nice and wide from the hot bath and will be able to receive as many benefits from the mask as possible. I tend to use drugstore (Boots!) face masks because they’re cheap but today I opted for a FRESH Lush product called ‘Love Lettuce’. Lush have such a wide variety of face masks that are so so super, my next quest is going to be to try them all – starting with the famous chocolatey ‘Cupcake!’ Sounds so delish… Have you guys tried any of the Lush face masks?
                               While the mask dries, it’s lotion time! I can’t go anywhere without moisturizing my skin after every shower / bath. Before, I really hated moisturizing and thought I would never have nice, flawless skin because it was such a chore – but I think the key is finding the right moisturizer and keep buffing until it seeps into your morning routine! Mine is yet again a Soap & Glory product, the ‘Smoothie Star’ just to go with my body wash. I swear, this product smells so amazing and it lingers on your skin for a long time making you smell like a giant walking Christmas muffin! It’s quite thick for a body lotion but surprisingly absorbs relevantly fast – it’s just perfect.
Wash the face mask off, and it’s time to apply some face food! After a big regime like today, I apply a vitamin E oil to my skin (can be purchased at a pharmacy or health story, not sure what brand it is sorry!). After leaving this soak in for a few minutes, I massage some Soap & Glory ‘Beauty Sleep Accelerator – Night & Flight Facial Cream’ which really leaves my skin so soft and even, and smells like a burst of fruitey bubblegum… This wasn’t going to be a Soap & Glory “plug” but… If it’s good it’s good!
I also dab a little Bobbi Brown eye cream on which has been the best eye cream I’ve ever come across so far – it doesn’t claim to be anything superficial, just moisturizing and that’s exactly what it does! It’s a little pricey but whoever has used Bobbi’s products before knows she only puts the best into her bottles and your skin feels airbrushed after every treatment! Remember not to ever overload on eye cream as you only need a small amount on the outer and lover corners of your eyes!
Then it was time to settle down in a light onesie -it’s quite cold here in Dublin considering it’s the end of May – boo weather!- to watch a film and paint your nails! Tonight I’m going to opt for some cherry pie coloured nails and the season finale of Hannibal! So very excited!

Let me know how you spend your beauty night or if you have any special tips for me to try! Hope you enjoy this blog post, don’t forget to smile and.. moisturize!
Happy Skin, Happy Soul 😉


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  1. Try castor oil (ricinus olaj 😀 ) if you want to grow and thicken your hair and lashes!! my favourite part of your post was: smell like a giant walking christmas cupcake 😀 !! more posts Ninimusha!! <33


  2. Thank youuuuuuu!!! :)) ❤


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