My Morning Routine

So I’m sure as you all do, I have a pretty usual but necessary morning routine before I can walk out the door feeling comfortable. It is essential for me to do this as without, I will feel weird and probably rushed / uncomfortable for the rest of the day and I will even go out of my way and wake up slightly earlier so The Routine can be comfortably done.. weird huh?
Every morning when I wake up, either by the alarm or by a panicky girlfriend over the weekend, I’m usually bursting to go to the bathroom, resulting from the pint of water I drink before going to sleep the evening before. Detailed I may be, drinking is very important before sleep as it regenerates your cells while you rest!
After releasing my bodily fluids, I have to, need to brush my teeth. I will do this before consuming anything as I hate the thought of swallowing all your morning breath and whatever has been swirling around in your mouth while you sleep – eeew! Brush it out.
Than I will clean my face with a gentle cleansing gel, currently the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Gel Wash, which smells zesty and has been doing an OK job but I’m not sure about the texture – it feels very plastic and maybe all that fragrance is just a little too much if you have sensitive skin. As it has just ran out, (although I gotta say it’s bottle and pump has been great, no gel went to waste as most of them do when they near end) I will be roaming Boots for a more efficient morning wash. Rant.
I then usually wipe my face through with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which I think could be a new kid on the block but oh so amazing! This stuff cleanses your face, firms and tones it, sweeps away excess shine and wipes away makeup mistakes with one small sweep, whatever’s in it, it’s magic.
While I walk to the kitchen, I would leave my face to breathe a little bit and later apply my eye cream (Bobbi Brown which I have mentioned in a previous post) and daily anti shine moisturizer in Soap & Glory The Fab Pore, which is really great for tightening pores if you have a case of large gaping pores (ew) but not so sure about the shine removal, although I really do have extra shiny skin. I mean I usually have to wipe excess oil off my forehead a few times daily so I don’t look like I’m wearing glitter / sweating buckets, not sure why this is? I do eat quite well and usually go without makeup during work times, exercise, don’t drink, etc etc…
Have also tried going off using cleansing products all together and just go Brooke Shields a la Blue Lagoon, but that was even worse.
While all the above may seem like it could take a half an hour, it literally takes 10 minutes or less.
Next thing, breakfast & coffee, my favorite time of the day!! A good breakfast is really important because it will help you think / work / feel great for the rest of the day, but the emphasis in this sentence is on GOOD.
As I’m quite into my training, healthy stuff, I will have a good quality ground black coffee, no sug, no milk!
Usually eggs, some sort of greens and a handful of nuts or spoonful of nut-butter / half an avocado for my fat intake.
This combination of protein, antioxidants and fats will make my body and brain soooo happy, without this I would go grumpy old man style for the rest of the day. Yay for food!
By this time I will have probably wasted so much precious morning time embracing sleepiness, sitting around in my onesie, that I will probably be really late.
In I go to take a quick shower, throw on some appropriate clothes, do my hair and makeup and run off for work or for other daily chores with a happy smile. 🙂
Of coarse some days are more rushed and some days more laid back, but these are the things in the morning that make me a happy bunny. What is your morning routine?



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