Something Sweet





My friend Tom was nominated today for a local film award and in return for not being able to attend – I improvised and made him some congrats muffins! I had only a matter of hours before having to go out myself and didn’t even have time to go to the shops… What to make?
I whipped up a fairly simple muffin recipe with;

4 large free range eggs
3/4 cups of brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup of gluten free coconut flour (wheat is my enemy guys!)
2 tsp lemon shavings (I put this in every cake recipe and usually have a little jar of it, mixed with sugar, in my fridge. Hungarian Grandmother tips, never bake a cake base without this 😉 )
1 pinch of salt
Organic cocoa powder to taste – the more the better

I put the yoghurt consistency batter into cupcake holders and baked it for 20-25 minutes “until there were no crumbs on the fork”. My tip is to switch off the oven 5 minutes before you know the cakes are ready, and leave them in the hot for the additional 5 minutes. Have the courage to every so slightly undercook your cake base as the extra heat will work it’s magic and it wont be sticky at all. There is nothing worse than a dry cake base! (Well, obviously there are way worse things, but you know. In the cake world.)

For the topping:
I melted every single piece of chocolate I found at home. There were some Cadbury Selection pieces, Toblerones, an Easter Egg and some un-identified blocks of dark and milk chocolate. I popped the melted magic on the now cool cupcakes and put some additional pieces of Maltesers and other chocolates on top for deco.
Even though this all took me about 30 minutes and not a second thought, these might have been one of the best and prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made!


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