Zara Haul

Hello Everybody! So I’ve been eyeing a lot of stuff from Zara to buy over this fall. As I mentioned in earlier posts, autumn is my ultimate favorite time of year and I get very excited when the leaves start to fall! The colours, the slight chill, the smell of smoke in the air and the promise of Halloween around the corner… How cool is it to wear something light, and something a little heavier over it or two light things and a big scarf, and some boot-heels to go along with them? It’s just awesome. You always feel pretty and sophisticated. That’s what I miss during the summer time, dressing pretty, as sometimes it gets so hot and sticky that everything just feels wrong. And itchy!

So my first purchase and big blow-out was this super soft leather sheepskin jacket in black & rose gold. Rose gold, enough said, I was sold! It was the pricey-est piece of clothing I’ve ever gotten but I’ve been living in it ever since and every day I love it more – this is something I’ll never regret buying. It’s an investment! (At least that’s what I tell myself)

The second thing(s) I got was 2 little long sleeved tee-shirts! They are 100% very very thin cotton. They also feel so soft, and they hang so well around your figure, it’s one of those tops you can wear anywhere with the right accessories and you will look & feel amazing! They also have little suede patches on their elbows.

The last thing, that I didn’t purchase in Zara but in H&M is a lovely blanket-scarf that goes perfectly with all the above. For what it is, it was a complete bargain for only 14.99! It is such a nice scarf, extra thick and long, one side is slightly darker patches and the other is more light pastel. It’s the perfect colour combination for my autumn closet so I can pop it on with any arrangement! Thank you H&M!

There will definitely be a reoccurring colour theme for my autumn & winter closet which will be washed out browns, grays and monochrome, but I will make sure to always add a pop of colour to make it that bit interesting!

Hope you enjoyed this small autumn haul and that it gave you some inspiration for this season! The photos might not be selling these garments as much as they should, but photos is something I’m going to have to work in the future – there is only so much quality a phone camera selfie can provide! 🙂


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