A Stumble in August

IMG_6024  IMG_5978



So recently (yes, 2 months ago) I found some great little compositions to take photos of. It was just down in my local park but in a place I had never visited before, so I felt like Alice or a really excited dog, mapping my new surroundings. There are all these beautiful days captured in my camera that I have not yet shared with anybody, so my Happenings category will probably soon involve some throw back Thursday posts!
The mushrooms on the tree trunk remind me of an episode from Hannibal so this excited me more than it probably should have, for what it was – fungi. But for anybody who watched Hannibal, somebody had a lot of paracetamol around in Dublin!
Something that I’m working towards / saving money for is a better professional camera, as the one I am using is fairly simple but nevertheless this does not scare me from clicking away and it shouldn’t scare you either! Practice makes perfect, even if it’s on a wooden horse, so get your phones out!
Can you notice the beautiful depth of field in the first image? It’s as if you can reach into the woods! I love how the light seeps through, the path in the distance seems completely illuminated by it.
Have you ever discovered any new, exciting or weird surroundings in your home town that you pass by every day?


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