House ready for winter!

So I have to admit, I’m a bit of a twinkle light addict. All year round, I find some excuse to hang these little lights up, but come Autumn and I really get down to business. There is nothing better than getting home from work when it’s chilly and dark outside, and seeig your home dimly lit up from the outside, like a little idyllic cottage from the North Pole. You just can’t wait to open the door, it looks so inviting and cosy! If I had a working fireplace, there is no question that I would go ahead and light that, too! The glow off the little lights are so warm, they look so romantic hung up higgledy-piggledy around the house. I get so much joy out of the different kind of glows from these small lights that sometimes I wonder if I should have become an electrician, ha.
I have found some great light decorations for my house this autumn that I absolutely love! Let me know if you like them, as I have been working on another post, which involves some cheap DIY, more lights and more cosyness. Is this something you would like to see? 🙂

PS: Can anybody recognise the reference of the “stone” on the pumpkin? If so, comment down bellow, I would love if somebody knew straight away! 🙂



LOVE light – Primark €5
Pumpkin lights – Poundworld €8
Mini Pumpkin – Tesco 69 cents. CRAZY! I bought 6…
Reindeer Pillow – Primark €6
Heart Wreath from Berries – Primark €5


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