Hello everybody! Last week to my great surprise, I received a delicious present of 3 days worth of food supply from Dropchef! Before I get into the finer details, let me explain who these cool guys are.. Dropchef is a Dublin based online food company, who offer delicious, chef-designed dinners and all you gotta do is chose (the hardest part!). They then deliver you all the ingredients AND the recipe straight to your door or office so you can recreate the masterpieces. Even if you can’t boil an egg, these recipes are so easy to follow, you will be Jamie Oliver Junior in seconds and your other half / families will love you so much more. You can skip routing for recipes online, skin running to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients and route around for spices you will never use again… just sit at your computer and chose a menu you like (they all have pictures)!
Dropchef will bring you everything you need for it and the plus side? Ryan and Roman the founders of the company also deliver the food – and they’re super cute! Squeeee!
I strongly advise everybody to check out the website and give it a try. I will leave a link to their website & social media down bellow! Without further ado, here’s the process and the final fruit of my Dropchef experience;


The Package:


Everything is packed in individual compartments, and if you’re a “packaging junkie” like I am – You will love this! Also, great quality meat!


1st meal – Lemongrass Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato Couscous


2nd meal – Traditional Paella


             3rd meal – Bacon, Parsnip and Rosemary Tagliatelle


All 3 recipes were so delicious and even though each meal was designed for 2 people, there was definitely much more food in there, plenty for another or for more servings!
My personal favorite was the Traditional Paella as I travel to Spain a lot, and it tasted and even smelled like being on holidays! Yum!

Thank you SO much Dropchef for giving me this humongous amount of food, I enjoyed it so much!

To see more of Dropchef, click here or check their facebook out!

❤ Nini


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