Indulgent Bath Creme?

Hi guys, I hope you’re all having a lovely week!
Recently I wondered into Superdrug (and yes, by wondered I mean begged Ronan to drive me at rush hour, turning a 15 minute journey into 60. Sorryyy!). I just wanted to see if they have any Zoella products yet but the lady at the counter said Ireland doesn’t stock them, only the UK! Gutted, as everything I seem to want lately is only sold in the UK, I wonder if this is finally the sign to my forever wanting to move there…
Anyway, I love baths as much as the next person, so instead of getting stocked up on those Zoella Fizz Bars, I bought myself some “Cafè de Bain” branded Indulgent Bath Cremes. They have several scents, in bubble baths and shower gels. Even the packaging is so appealing!
And the smell, my dear god the smell. Every time I open the bottle my eyes close involuntarily, it’s so nice!
After what Ronan must have thought was hours of speculation, I bought two bottles: Sweet Vanilla Madeleine and Cherry & Almond Frangipane… Aah, somebody bring me an ice pack!
I think I had half my clothes taken off before I was in the door at home, I was so excited to have a bath with them. Unfortunately, my high expectations were met with reality.
The bath smelled nothing like what was in the pretty pack. How, how? How does it smell like heaven in a bottle only to be poured out and smell like nothing? And no, the smell didn’t linger on my naked body afterwards making me feel like a little French Frangipane. I wonder if I didn’t put enough in?
Being no stranger to crushed expectations, I lay in the bath smelling the product straight from the bottle like a recovering alcoholic, to fake the experience. On the bright side it DOES create some powerful amount of bubbles so I was really happy with that!
I will probably try the shower creme too and see if that leaves me smelling like a bakery. Pleeease, let me smell like a bakery!
At a price of € 2,55 it wasn’t too bad at all, and you always have the option of just smelling the open bottle… It’s still so worth it!

Has anybody tried these Cafè de Bain products before, and if so do you totally agree or disagree with my conundrum? I would really like to find a product that satisfies all my bathing needs, possibly in the range of Sweetest-Christmassiest-Smell-Ever. Does it exist? Have you discovered it? Please make a crazy bath sister happy and let me know in the comments!


Here is Logan, enjoying the sweet scents, haha.

❤ Nini


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