Boohoo Wishlist

Hey guys! So recently, I have been obsessed with Boohoo. When it comes to shopping, I don’t just go out to wander in the shops in case I find a bargain, I have a picture in my mind and I will go to town until that picture is completed. I know what I want, and I usually know where to look for it. This is a well oiled system at most times, except for when NONE of the shops have anything remotely similar to ‘my picture’ or when I don’t even have a picture.
This time, it was the first one. Somehow, I don’t know how, I have a closet full of clothes, I really do. And I’m really grateful for that. But I can’t wear ANY of the items inside, but for a few timeless pieces. It’s not because half of them doesn’t fit me, as I am now at a healthy size 8-10 and miraculously, all my clothes are well fitting. Yay! I find myself realizing all the clothes, dresses and tops I own are at least 1-2 years old, things I don’t wanna put on anymore, things that cannot be worn anymore and somehow I still buy clothes all the time. Where does my money go and where are all my clothes that I remember splurging on? Does this ever happen to you? Do I not buy reasonably? I feel like the answer to that is a big fat yes.
I dream of a wardrobe full of easy to wear garments, maybe a few colours in each, a few options for the week so I don’t have to wear one garment to death and consider it lumpy and over washed in a month.
In reality, I have one pair of jeans that’s already nearing the over-washed mark, one casual but nice top that I’m afraid to wear in case the latter happens to it and… the rest is mountains of clothes I will never wear. Whaaaat? It’s incredible and I could talk about it for ever until another fashion era rolls around but that just won’t solve a thing.
Instead I decided to change my regime. I collected all the clothes I know I will never ever wear, no matter how much they mean to me. You haven’t been worn in a year even when your season was around? GOODBYE!
I ended up with 6 bags of clothes and a near empty wardrobe. Eeek! What I will do to these clothes I’m not sure as a lot of them are still brand new. Maybe I will buy myself a table at a flea market and do some recycling with the better pieces. Any suggestions?

I was also left with a lovely, orderly wardrobe only waiting to be filled with sensibly chosen garments for every day life. Zara is my to go place if I want some well fitting and cool jeans. H&M and Primark will ALWAYS have some timeless t-shirts and tops in all the colours of the rainbow if I’m stuck.
But for dresses, apart from the occasional month, I don’t have a shop to go to if I need one. I love love love dresses for every occasion, they are so flattering and girly.
Lately, I’ve started paying attention to swing dresses as I don’t really like the shape of skater dresses anymore and swing dresses are so Christmassy, they remind me of little festive bells. I used to draw (when I was a child) thousands of little fairies or Christmas angels and they ALWAYS wore bell-like swing dresses. This shape is so fitting and flirty, I could find another few f words to describe them I love them so much… aaah festive, festive, festive!
It came to my attention that no shops under the Dublin sun stock ANY swing dresses but for a little (big) online shop called Boohoo.
Boohoo has literally 15 pages of every type of swing dress a girl could ever imagine so yes, I went to town.
I picked out… casual swing dresses in different colours with different neck lines, go to the pub swing dresses and very dressy Christmas swing dresses. I was like a kid in a sweet shop, and the other reason why I could do this was because of the pricetags! They all had great high street prices similar to H&M and Primark’s and I know for a fact Boohoo always uses great fabrics and explains measurements so precisely, you’d have to be blindfolded to get it wrong.
I put these dresses in my wish-list as I do need to save up for a week or two until I can splurge out on all of them at the same time, but I feel like this is the right step to take in solving my wardrobe problem. Not just 1, but 5 or 6 dresses to be at my choice, saving the fabrics to fade in frequent washes and saving me precious time and frowns in the mornings. Just look at them, aren’t they inspiring?

faye1 faye2 felice1

millie1 tabatha tabatha2

Hmmm, Santa Santa won’t you be kind this year? If you have lately been stuck like me, maybe this will give you an inspiration on what to wear and where to spend it this season. Boohoo is where it’s at, I’m telling you!
Pair these babies with some lace up booties high or low, literally any tights of your choice (feel free to get funky) and you’re good to go! Let me know if you would like to see a little look-book about how I would wear these dresses. I am a firm believer of long sleeve for the winter months, no explanation necessary. Wrap up! 🙂

Faye Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Swing Dress – €14
Felice Paisley Foil Print Long Sleeve Swing Dress – €25
Millie Metallic High Neck Swing Dress – €26
Tabatha Velvet Long Sleeve Swing Dress – €26


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