I’m not a fangirl. I’d never scream and shout among thousands of other fangirls / fanboys to see my favorite artist encore because I’d be too nervous for that. It’s not that I’m afraid to “let myself go” because I do do that, believe me. In other forms. But I just think it’s weird to shout uncontrollably at another human being as if they were some form of god. Isn’t that the pressure they’re all so afraid of? And yes I’m a quiet person so I do express my gratitude / excitement in other forms, so maybe that’s why. But I think mostly because all I’d wanna be to my favorite artists is their best friend because I obviously relate to them so much.. so I don’t think I’d shout at my friends, I’d just act normal, right? Also I wouldn’t want the person in sentence to think I’m just a screaming idiot (do they think that?), I’d much prefer if they saw me for what I am, a normal person. BUT…
I might do it all for Ed Sheeran. What is with that guy and his lyrics and his incredible feelings? It’s as if he were a 300 year old wise vampire hiding in a 23 year old guy’s body… How has he experienced all of the things he sings about?
Even though I do enjoy the oh-so-frequent meaningless songs of other artists when they sing “i’m happy” for the 57th time in a song and the only difference between chorus 1 and bridge 2 is that they might switch “because” to “yes yes oh yes”… It’s catchy and fun.
But Ed? If his songs were paintings, he would be the Monet to everybody else’s blank page. I saw him recently play in the O2 Dublin, and it was the most incredible thing. I was really fidgety and panicky because 90% of the audience were screaming 16-18 year olds and as I mentioned before, too many people make me feel uncomfortable. But as soon as Ed came out I forgot about everybody there and it was just him and a guitar and me.. That’s the sloppiest thing I’ve ever said, but I AM writing a blogpost about how awesome I think Ed Sheeran is and you’ve read this far, so I’m sure you can understand. 🙂
His words are incredible. There are songs that feel like he literally ripped stories out of my life and made them into a song. How does he sing about so much hurt? Who were these girls that broke his heart? Why would you, with a heart like his?

I’m just going to throw it out there that Rupert Grint and fellow gingers have been the loves of my life ever since 2000? I just don’t get why they’re the joke of the world. Are people BLIND? I’m not sure what else to say on this, as this might be like trying to justify my love for… well, gingers! If you’re team ginger you will totally get me. If you aren’t, you probably left 3 sentences ago!

Before I make this into a small novel about my love for Ed, I just really wanna salute him. Never has he gotten fat headed from fame. He’s the most down to earth and approachable celebrity I’ve seen. I’m 100% sure that if I saw him down at the pub he would just have a few drinks and a chat with me, like any other normal person and that’s a massive reason to why I think he’s such a clever one. And last night in the Toy Show? I wish I was that little girl! So, so badly.

Anyway, long story short I freaking fancy the pants off Ed Sheeran, inside out. If you haven’t listened to his songs go do that now, and comment down bellow which one your favorite song is!


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