So I may not have told you this but my filthy little secret is to one day have the courage to make videos of myself just chatting to the camera, chatting to you guys about the things that interest me. The thought of this makes me so happy, for whatever reason. I could just talk to the mirror or a friend, but somehow recording and editing a 10 minute clip of me doing this sounds so appealing. Apart from courage, I am missing a lot of other stuff like equipment… a big, big chunk of video blogging! But it is all coming together nevertheless, slowly but surely.
I did however, feel a littlebit sorry that my dreams did not fast forward to coming true before this year’s Christmas as there is only one Xmas a year and I so, so wanted to capture the moments of December and the wait to the big day… But can’t I?
It is currently 23:08 in the evening and it has just struck me that I can totally make a Blogmas! Set a challenge to do something Christmas related every day and photo document & write about it? Yeeeah!

Today I celebrated the 1st of December by officially admitting that I have been listening to Xmas songs for the past 2 weeks! This means, no more hiding spotify under the table and deleting my history.. 5 playlists of ‘The Best Christmas Songs Ever’? Yes, that was me!
Also, on my way home from the train station I sipped on a ‘hot apple warmer’ which is the new craze in coffee shops. Have you seen them? It’s basically an apple & cinnamon-y syrup or powder, mixed with hot water and some more cinnamon sticks thrown on top for good measure. And they taaaste… super super super sweet and festive, oh my god! If you fancy dropping in for a coffee with a friend but not up for anything with caffeine or milk, this is the perfect alternative! Infact, it’s so good I’m going to pick this over coffee until its on the menu, it makes me so happy. 🙂
I also have been dying to try out hot apple cider which I have only recently heard about in a book! Doesn’t it sound like butterbeer or something cosy like that from Harry Potter? And it’s within your reach! Well, kind of withing my reach as any time I get down to the local Christmas Market, they’re always all out.. Which makes mes want to get them even more, they are like this season’s limited edition Alexander Wang… The more unavailable they are… You know, you’ve been there!

Speaking of Christmas Markets. Make sure to check my upcoming posts under Blogmas as I will be documenting the happenings at the local North Pole Kingdom… Über-festivities, that’s all I can say.

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  1. I have also been listening to Christmas music for the last two weeks, and have no shame in admitting this fact… now that I found someone else who has done the same 🙂 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… finally!!! X


    1. carmenkovacs says:

      Ahh I knoww! All we need is snow and some tree shopping! perfect days 🙂 xx


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