Blogmas Days 3-8 – Santa Claus and Broken Laptop

Hello Everybody! First of all, thank you so much for the comments on my previous 3 days worth of Blogmasses. They were so cute and festive and supportive! It’s been getting me through the past few days or hardship, which I will tell you about in a moment. Today will be a slightly different post, as I’m going to recount of the past 5 days in one post – not due to lacking but due to a series of unlucky events;

Day 4 – I broke my laptop early in the morning as it accidentally slid from  my hands and shattered its screen – devastated for days, I will describe the feeling in one short sentence and save you time reading pages of sad; It wasn’t pretty. Not when I set myself the challenge of day to day Blogmas or when I was to edit 3 films in a week for an exhibition.

Day 5 – In Hungary, on the 5th of December comes Santa Claus – bringing small presents during the night, leaving them in children’s polished BOOTS! Isn’t that weird? These presents are the equivalent to small presents in your stockings – sweets, chocolate, socks, etc. Now, we do get presents on Christmas day too, but these presents are delivered by the angels of Heaven!
I got handy and made everybody Santa presents on my sewing machine and have received some great little things in my polished winter boot – like a book I’ve been reading non stop ever since and a cute bag! Santa was very generous indeed 🙂

Day 6 & 7 – I spent most of my days working and preparing for Christmas. Paying a visit to my scary attic to find the Christmas decorations and going out to buy a Christmas tree – this year we went for a shorter but fatter tree, as last year I accidentally bought one way too big and ended up borrowing a chainsaw from my neighbor to cut most of the top off – conclusion? Why has my neighbor got a chainsaw??
The tree looks lovely and I think Day 8 (tonight!) will consist of us decorating it!! This year I thought there would be a theme of red and white colours to the decorations? I think overdoing a tree can look so tacky and horrible – like a nightmare Christmas, with multiple colours chucked on the tree with no taste – Therefore every year I come up with a theme of colours for our house and it always looks very fashionable haha! Freak.

Hopefully I will be able to purchase a new computer soon and get back to normal life, but until than I will do my best to stick to my promise of everyday Blogmas.
In the past few weeks I have been struck by a technological disaster – Firstly my phone has been stolen and the week after I broke my laptop – I’ve been getting really really sad and panicky about the fact that my norm has been turned upside down and that I could not reach anybody through the internet. And it has caused me about a whole week of full on dark, teary days. My mom and my boyfriend kept telling me that it’s just a phone and it’s just a laptop but somehow their kind words weren’t getting to me for the first few days until I got sick of the worry and the bad moods.
I needed a distraction, an inspiration that came in the form of my book brought by Santa. I love reading more then anything but there hasn’t been a book in the past few years (!) that has really captured my attention and this one has. Was it due to the lack of technical distraction? I think it COULD have been, and sometimes I’m even grateful that I have a silent  hour without notifications where I can really hear my own thoughts and other people. Obviously, at the times when I should be working with said technology, it’s not so handy having nothing…
Sometimes in life things won’t go your way and no matter what you do, things will get worse and worse. But just TRY to remember, that  no matter how bad the situation is, things will always get better. No matter how bad and dark you feel right now, your situation will always get brighter and that thought always gets me through whatever I’m in. That it doesn’t last forever. And you have to know that feeling sad and feeling lonely or angry is an OK emotion, it is alright to feel them once in a while. It really isn’t a crime, you’re only human!
I’m just really grateful I had the few people who are closest to me supporting me. Every time I felt sad there were open arms for a hug and listening ears and despite all my wishes to have a new device – that was all I needed, a little TLC 😉
Has there been anything in your life lately that has gotten the better of you? Where you thought, your problems and fears have really tied your hands and there was no getting out of it? Let me know and maybe together we can get through it by focusing on something positive to come!
I’m sorry Blogmas Days 3-8 has been so serious, when this should be the happiest time of the year… I promise that from tomorrow on it will be back to its cheery self! 🙂


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