Blogmas Day 9 – Snakes and Others

Hey Guys! Today, a normal procedure of guinea pig food shopping turned into an adventure! One of my favorite things to do in life is spend time in pet stores. I absolutely adore all kinds of animals (EXCEPT FOR CREEPY CRAWLIES)
and find a great joy in staring at them, taking photos of them for hours. For this reason I’d love to be a wildlife photographer and probably will spend all my free time as one in the future.
In this particular pet shop today,  I met LOADS of cool little guys.. There was a travelling private zoo, under the name of Dave’s Jungle
and here is what we all got up to!







Aren’t they super cool? The snakes were amazing – That albino python eats a whole rabbit and a few rats for breakfast (once a week)! Imagine what he would do to my lil guinea pigs – gulp!
They were great though and not at all scary, I would absolutely love to take care of them. My favorite obviously was the huge python he was extremely powerful around my neck! (Though that’s not the reason I loved him).
Notice the alligator’s taped mouth? I’m sure it was just a precaution but you never know! His name was Kevin – ha!
I also loved this little baby guinea, he was around 11 weeks old. He was really brave and hyper and kept crawling up into my coat for a wee cuddle!
It’s very dangerous for me to be “let into” (as my family would say) a zoo or a pet shop as I instantly want to bring home all the animals and there has been examples where I came home with a few new findings and surprised the family!
Do you like animals too or would you have been afraid of these more dangerous species? Let me know in the comments! 😉
Also, there is 16 days left until Christmas!!!!!! I imagine Dave’s Xmas tree to be full of real snake garlands – living on the edge!
To check out this zoo click here


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