Blogmas Day 10 – Favourite Decorations

Hello Everyone! How have you been? I’m gonna take out my stick of wisdom again and point it to the Big World this morning – Don’t give up on your dreams! My first thought this morning was a big fat curse word followed by “another **** day where I don’t have the tools to achieve my dreams. UGH, ******”. Which to be honest isn’t the best start if you plan to have a successful day. But I sometimes forget…
Don’t be afraid that it might take a whole month of hardship or a whole two years to achieve something – time is only relevant when you set it for yourself. Don’t limit it! Think about all your dreams as if they were here with you RIGHT NOW and not in the distant future. Because then they will always stay in the distant future, right? Feel them, be thankful for them, see them as clearly as they would be if you already had them. So what if your boss / teacher / your day was a horrible dog ALL WEEK maybe even all month?! Eyes-On-The-Price.
I somewhere saw a statue or a quote or maybe both (rhyme!!) about this huge fat person who always wanted to lose weight but just couldn’t achieve it. In the end she takes a different approach and imagines her goal, her skinny self to already exist underneath the flab and she has to sculpt this amount of fat tissue off of her to reveal her beautiful skinny self. Think of your goals and dreams like that! I’ll try to insert a photo of it…
My near goal is that by next weekend I will be typing away on my new iMac which will then take me a few steps closer into being a successful photographer because I will already possess the tools and the talent for it! 3/2 achieved! Already. Whats your goal for the week/month? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can wait it all out together!
I decorated my Christmas tree and the rest of the house – Here are some festive snaps of my favourite decos! 😉 (Yes, I do have a childhood photo up there of my best friend Julia as we never get to spend Christmas together – This way she’s somehow present but it’s also funny and a little creepy that she’s the only photo on my tree. It amuses me!)









13 days to go!


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