DIY Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

Aah! Something very important I have left out from December’s festivities that deserves a round of applause: Thick Hot Chocolate. If you’re like me and like a good presentation just as much as the content, these orange cup hot chocolates will be that extra bit delicious!
These babies are excellent for cold afternoon parties even in January. Because who says we can’t have Christmas all year round?

Ingredients for 4 people: 
1 Terry’s Orange Chocolate in Dark Chocolate
4 large oranges
Cinnamon & Chili powder (optional)
Festive Mood

Scoop out the oranges so the peel forms a cup. Make sure to keep the cap of the cups (ha-ha) for later on. Melt the chocolate on a low heat (yes, the boring-glass-bowl-way) and mix in the zest of the 4 oranges to loosen the mixture. Add a tiny bit of chili and cinnamon if you wish. Pour the chocolate carefully into the orange cups. Make a hole on the caps for a festive straw and seal tightly!
It would be ideal to put them into some sort of a holder, maybe a giant egg box as the oranges tend to roll around spilling drink everywhere. Another solution to this is to drink your chocolate quickly to avoid further spillage! 😉

The chocolate taste so rich and thick my dear god, I can’t even.
This little idea came from the ever so lovely Zoe from this video. Check it out and see if I managed to recreate the look!





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