Soap and Glory – Wish Upon a Jar VS Beauty Sleep Accelerator

Hello errybody! I am a huge enthusiast of all things beauty. Anything that promises a better complexion / dewy skin / looking like a pretty unicorn, I will surely spend my last penny on it. And it will make me so happy, so so happy that I can’t even explain it to you. I will spread my purchases on the bed, photograph them, show them to everyone that will listen, shout to the world; look I got a new cream! I will then prep my skin and mind up for the promise of the beauty night. Light every candle, switch on every mood light. Run the bath, carefully choosing my film for the night. The effort would impress the Queen of England.
Having tried most Soap and Glory stuff, (big fan!) I am going to dish my opinion about two of their super hyped night facials. The Beauty Sleep Accelerator and the Wish Upon a Jar. To begin with, my skin type is mostly oily, and otherwise normal. I sometimes get some mega spots, but otherwise I “only” battle with oil and blackheads. So if you’re like me, you can be sure my opinion will be valid for your face, too!

Wish Upon A Jar
“with EFA antioxidants, super-youth P3000 peptides complex & energising oxygen booster”


You are to apply every night after cleansing, with the promise of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, firming and smoothing.
Did it work? Yes and no! It is super rich and thick, a very posh texture and the smell is incredible (chocolate orange)! But I didn’t see any big changes or rejuvenation on my skin. Since everybody loves it online, my conclusion is that I have used it too young. I’m only 22 years old and this stuff is a 21 day collagen treatment, meaning should you have a lack of collagen and wrinkles on your face, to see a difference? Probably. I did love it, and my face felt lovely and soft, but that’s about it. The jar did last waay more than 21 days, probably about 2 months and I did use it generously every night, so it was worth the price of €20.99. Even though it did not suit my skin, I would totally recommend this to a slightly older crowd, because I do see how it is wondrous. The packaging gets 10/10!

Beauty Sleep Accelerator
“Night and flight moisture miracle with night blooming cactus flower, peach K gojuice extract, oxygenising & line plumping HIGHDRATION-24H ceramide concentrate”


You are to smooth onto a clean face and neck before bed each night of before a long flight.
Now I first purchased this last May, when I was travelling to Granada for a few weeks. I thought; flights, I better get my cream on before all the dirty crap in the A/C affect my face.
And yes, I repurchased it the other day (even though I still have some ‘Wish Upon a Jar’ left) because I loved it ssooo much!
It’s not as flamboyant or fancy as the other jar, which would definitely put me off from trying it, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover!
This cream is a lighter formula, and my skin absorbed it like a thirsty little desert (can you tell I’m the crazy cream girl?). Its’ smell is amazing, like the poshest strawberry peach yogurt. And yes it brought back all my lovely Granada memories, so extra points there!
I would totally recommend this for everyday use, I wake up with smoother, plumper looking skin each morning and once again, can we talk about the smell? Sssoooo good.
€16.99 in Boots IRL.

Have you tried any of these creams before, and if so what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know if we’re on the same page or if I’m just swimming against the tide! 😉


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