Mighty Micellar

Hypoallergenic Micellar Cleansing Water – No perfume, removes make-up + cleanses + soothes. No rinsing

Hello Everyone! How are you today? If you’re feeling a little bit dirty-faced after your week of full-time makeup, this one is for you! I have been loving this little Garnier Micellar lately, even though honestly I have had it for months. I didn’t really dig it at the start, for no apparent reason other than, I just did not like it. Sorry for the lame judgement Garnier!
But then I thought well I have this full bottle as a dust collector, I may as well use it. Lots of beauty bloggers and vloggers wipe their makeup away with some sort of a makeup remover BEFORE they cleanse, where all I have been ever doing was cleanse under water. I realized this was probably silly as all my shower cleanser was doing is cleaning away my makeup, but not my actual skin underneath. Wouldn’t it make sense to wipe and then cleanse like all the other normal people? Yeah, it would.
So I have come to adore the Micellar. It wipes away anything so quickly and efficiently, you don’t even have to press on your face at all! I find that any other, oil or milky – based makeup removers are so hard to use, and they leave a layer of product and grease on your skin, which isn’t exactly clean. There is nothing worse than still feeling a little bit grubby after cleaning! I think it’s the water based quality I like, it just works on my skin like a prayer.


The Micellar Cleansing Water also helps correct makeup, used extra lightly, when you accidentally smudge a corner or blink your mascara off, without taking off the underneath layer of makeup.
It’s so easy to use!
I would strongly advise you to try some sort of Water Based Cleanser if you haven’t, and if you have, are there any other good, or better ones?
Until Next Time,


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  1. Maria Smith says:


    I’ve been using the loreal version of this (I’ll be honest it was on offer. I use the Garnier dry skin toner for dry skin. It smells delicious!). I wasn’t all that impressed. I use it on a full face of make up and I just didn’t seem to touch it. When i used a face wipe afterwards loads came on on it. And as for it saying it ‘dissolves lipstick’ mine did not budge.

    Am I using it wrong? I literally pour it on a cotton pad and wipe my face. Maybe its because its a different brand. I had such high hopes I am desperate to find a decent make up remover! I think I might try the Garnier one.

    Maria xx

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    1. carmenkovacs says:

      Hey Maria thanks for the reply!! Hmm I am not sure I wish I’d have experience in the Loreal one, even though Loreal is supposed to be better… I just lash it onto a cotton pad too, but it wipes away everything at the first touch! Try the garner if it’s ever on offer and see, and I do use a lot of makeup so for me it does remove a heavy amount too! I hope it works!! ☺️ xx


      1. Maria Smith says:

        I’m definitely going to try it. I do like Garnier. I should have just stuck to what I know in the first place! As hard as it is to say I really wouldn’t recommend the L’Oreal one 😦 xx


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