Preparing for a Photo shoot

Hello everyone! So I haven’t been writing for a while – do you know what makes it worse to write again after haven’t been writing for a while?! The fact that you haven’t been writing for a while! Do I address it? Is anyone even reading / does anyone even care? I have gone through a couple of hard months lately and also moved house by myself for the first time – as in out of the comfortable coop with my mom. This was very hard but self pity aside, I have been getting back into filming, photographing, videoing, blogging! So I am looking forward to sharing the next couple of months with you, as they will be much more eventful and exciting. I am not going to reveal anything, but it will definitely involve some travel, some fashion and some filming! I am really excited. Let’s start with June 20th, when Mirsha, who I’ve mentioned a couple of times before and I planned a photo shoot. Unfortunately I planned the shoot around the busiest times of the month -unintentionally- but still did not incorporate thousands of people to flog up our frame! So the shoot had to be rescheduled but we still got some lovely photographs which I have included below; completely unedited. #NOFILTER 😉 Do you like it? Also, would you be interested in having a look at the edited images in comparison, like a little photo-edit class? Let me know!

I’ve always loved owls! I’d like to imagine I am one in this photo

Carmen-test-2 Carmen-test-10 Carmen-test-27 Carmen-test-29 Carmen-test-34


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