Candle Haul & Fashionable legs


One of the many reasons Autumn is amazing is because of candles. I am known for burning candles all year around but this time of year I really go to town. I usually light everything as soon as I come home in the evening, and it makes me feel super cosy and organised too. Nothing can go wrong when a candle is burning (unless your house burns down but obviously, please don’t let that happen). Every room needs to smell of something different, according to its’ function. For example, right now I have a Green Tomato scented flame dancing in the kitchen. That was candle poetry.
TK MAXX which is Home Sense in the UK is amazing for candles and it should always be your first stop. You can pretty much get anything for € 9.99 here, which can be a littlebit expensive but the candles here are huuuge.
They’re also the best scented, poshest ones around and many of them are truly better than Yankees. Sorry, Yanks!
This season they’ve brought out many a fall scents, mostly stuff like caramel, roasted anything, gingerbread and so on. I never know what to pick, so I usually end up sneaking back for more.
So far I’ve purchased a brand called ‘Autumn Gold‘ -best name ever- in scents Salted Pumpkin Popcorn and Apple Pumpkin Pie. They are completely amazing and I loved them at first sight. The packaging is perfect, a chunky jar with and old minimalistic design that is closed with a large cork on top. Its just too nice and I am definitely keeping the jars when they are empty.
My favourite is Apple Pumpkin Pie as it’s sweet but not overwhelming, it smells like apple-y sugar and the smell wafts out of the bedroom, its very powerful in a really good way.
The Pumpkin Popcorn is a bit more of a salty, ground-y smell but I can’t describe it. I’m going to end up sounding like a wine-description, a “woody, berry toned flavour” yeah, right. I wish we had Smellevision!! But they are both really amazing and I would love to buy the whole range. I probably will too. Some people love cats, I have candles.

I would also just like to add how much of a struggle today was for me. I am in a love-hate relationship with the gym at the moment; where I will go religiously for a few weeks and then not at all. I used to live for exercise, not I really just hate it. Why is that? This week I completed 2 great days, had a rest yesterday and went in today basically dragging myself up the street like a lazy dog. Just did not want it. When I started working out, I found it so difficult and daunting that I stopped about 15 minutes into it and ran home nearly crying. What is wrong? Usually when you start exercising your spirits lift and you are glad to be there. It has never occurred before that I would leave the gym floor without working my butt off. Maybe its a case of there are no grey areas and you’re either in or you’re out, and it’s just really hard to get back in, but I am totally discouraged and lost in this area. All I want is skinny legs, is that too much to ask? But getting as lean as I want to is difficult, it means cutting food hard and doing lots of cardio and interval training which can be boring. I have an hourglass figure and as my quad muscles are very strong, I look ridiculous in pants. Nobody makes pants or skirts for big legs and a skinny waist. Nothings fits snuggly. What fits my legs are enormous on my waist. It has gotten to such a frustrating point for me where I would gladly stop training my legs just to have skinny jeans sized legs! Is that ridiculous? If anyone knows the answer to my fashion problems, please do help. Until then, I’ll just go light another candle..


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