Mid-Week Beauty Haul

Hello Everyone! How are you? The other day I went on a little rampage in Boots. I usually leave the shopping until I am out of everything, so as to have a good reason to go in there and spend a ton of money. It always makes me feel amazing, tidy and accomplished. Ha!
I’ve waited a while to post this as in to see how the products work, and without a doubt I am satisfied with all of them!

 know I sort of look like a dirty boy-child here in the mask but it did wonders to my skin which is at its’ all time lows at the moment. That is for another blog post however, as I have not yet figured out what to do with my raging pimples (that’s a horrible term).
Anyway, I think my favourite of all of these is… no, I can’t! All of them!
Naturally I didn’t buy the little toiletry bag, comb and watch in Boots but I did buy it during the same haul and they are so cute! The watch was €14,99 from New Look, and the comb & bag were about 1-2 euros, both from Forever 21. I love the little writings on them!
The nail polishes are called Berries and Cream (the lighter one) and Black Cherries, but so far I have only tried Berries and Cream which is the most amazing colour of all time! Good staying power. Actually I think this might be my favourite out of all of them because the colour is just too nice. It’s the most autumnal tone.
I’ve had this Palmer’s Cocobutter Lip Balm before, in the original white one which was just cocoa or something, which was amazing! The smell was incredible, like.. pecan cake! I wanted to try this as it said it has a tint in it, which is great for during the day when you want to lie low on the makeup. It smells like chocolate cherries and it has a coral toned red tint, which is not bad at all, very natural. I am liking itttt! Oh, and it tasted divine, ha ha. I love the words I try describe products, I’m so prejudiced!
The eyeshadow is a Sleek Natural Palette, and I’ve found all of them to be very pigmented, very little downfall which is great and good staying power! I love the colour Taupe in it on the upper right hand side, it’s a tiny bit shimmery, I reach for it all the time! It’s very Kylie Jenner, if anything that girl knows how to use colour, bitches!
I’ve repurchased this Micellar Water as I found myself crave its’ absence just as I do when I’m on the way home after a long day – It’s just so powerful! Here is me raving about it earlier this year. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not to drink as my above sentence might suggest. It’s for your face, silly. I’m not sure what the new green packaging means, seemingly nothing at all but I love it.    Buy it, use it, you’ll love it too.
The little SUPER BEAUTY Bath Gel smells fantastic, makes average amounts of bubbles and has not-so-lingering smell on your skin afterwards. Not sure if I’m going to repurchase this, as I’m still yet to find a good bubble bath that satisfies all my needs but it does smell great.
The two OGX shampoos are 10/10. The coconut one has 2 smells, one out of the bottle and an even better smell when you break up its’ particles in your hair, it’s just fantastic! It’s the freshest, healthiest smells ever and it lingers in your hair for days! Whaaaaat? Miracle. I bought the Kukui Oil one in a conditioner because it sounded more agile for my broken hair, and it is definitely doing its’ job – no tangle, no frizz, max shine! Yay!

So this has been my little Boots haul, I’ve felt so ready for life all week from using them. Does shopping for sanitary / beauty stuff make you feel better about life too? I guess it does, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Oh, one thing I have forgotten, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.. Unfortunately I bought this in a darker colour than I usually do, which is a shame because it’s my favourite concealers of all time! Always check the label ladies and gents and try trying a tester once in a while! This concealer, if bought in the right colour does wonders to your eyes, it makes even the tiredest (not a word) faces look bright and perky. It’s so easy to apply, breaks perfectly into your skin and lasts ages, I don’t know how they do it as it’s so cheap!
Have you used any of these products beforehand? Which one would your favourite be? I hope you’re having a great sunday, if not, change it, do something that makes you happy!


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