Take me back to.. Malta



Over the summer my two best friends Julia, Eva and I went to Malta together. I’ve never edited the videos for it or uploaded a blogpost about it until now, because I’m an absolute lazy cow!! But here it finally is, and I guess it was a nice little throw back, while I’m sitting here in a blanket, with the hurricane outside. Malta in my opinion was incredible, but purely for its’ water facilities! I love being in the sea, more then being on dry land. I love all sea life, and everything about the way this huge mass of water works.. So if you’re like me, a place like Malta will be the one to visit on a quickie getaway! Make sure to bring your snorkelling gear, your adventure cap and low expectations for luxury -and you’ll have a blast!
I’ve made two little videos on the week we were there, full of diving and boating and giggling around – half of it is actually in Hungarian, the other half in English so it might be  bit of a mis match to understand but hey, it’s up, it’s there, have a peep if you’re interested! I hope it makes you smile 🙂
Video one, at the Blue Lagoon.
Video two, diving.


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