November Essentials



 The weather here has now come to a time where we can’t deny that it’s very nearly winter! Jumper weather has turned into coats and gloves, hats and boots. This time of year I usually up my skincare a littlebit to adjust to the cold winds and rain.
For all of you who have just started reading my blog, I have very oily skin -on my face- and suffer from adult acne at the moment so, if you are a normal – dry skin type, the products I use for my face will probably not suit your needs! The rest of my skin on my body is normal, but does get drier around winter time so I always use a very luxorious body lotion, preferably Christmas scented!
Weather it’s my cosy slippers, fluffy robe or berry toned lipsticks, I usually use all these items on a daily basis. The two lipsticks I always reach for at the moment are the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and a Mac Matte lipstick in Diva. I absolutely love wearing berry toned lipsticks and to be honest wear them all year around but… during winter, the more the merrier!
One of my favourite things to do over the weekend is to hop into these fluffy pyjamas, fox slippers -both from penneys-, light all the scented candles I own and just lounge with a good book or a TV series – I couldn’t be more content! Sometimes I even pass on plans for this grand event, because it’s the most relaxing thing ever! Grandma much?!
But when you do go out, it’s good to have at least 1 pair of really good Chelsea Boots you can live in – this one is from Zara- and a couple of promising hats and scarves you can throw into your handbag if the weather turns more bitter as the night creeps in! Don’t forget about moisturising before going out either, as the cold air and rain will dry out any exposed skin you have and before you know it your skin will feel tight, red patches appear and your ad face comes out! I hate the feeling of dry skin!
Writing all this down feels a little like I’m getting ready for a zombie apocalypse but hey, lets just say wind and rain are a realistic zombie apocalypse for the everyday girl and we’ve to get ready for it! Winter is coming.


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