Winter Wonderland Get-In-The-Mood

I know I am very late jumping on this bandwagon, but I never knew how Pinterest worked. I just could not figure out the draw, the concept of it, and therefore I never have joined. I was always envious of the pinners, as it is well known that the most creative, coolest photos live in the land of Pinterest. And then I opened one. And then I pinned. Lord forgive me!
Today, I’ve decided to put together a little winter inspiration, as it is the second of December. It is the perfect time to start getting in the mood of snow, icicles and the big C! I love, love nature and landscapes, animals etc so this post is mostly going to be Winter Wonderland themed. I hope this also get you in the mood to join Pinterest and pin your life away!
Obviously I have not taken any of these photographs, I do not claim the rights to them, I think they are beautiful and would like to share my excitement with you over this season! Enjhohohoy! (sorry.)


Hopefully this year I’ll be some place like this, with all my family.
Where will you spend Christmas? Where do you call home?



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  1. ♥ isabella ♥ says:

    Oh my gosh, pinterest is so much fun once you’ve got the hang of it! It took me ages too haha


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