What I Eat In A Day

Hello Everyone! Happy new year, and happy forever!!
How have you been? How was your Christmas?
I’m not really sure if I’m a big fan of new years resolutions, I haven’t decided it yet this year.. So you might be seeing a new years post later on this month, or you might not!

However, I thought there is a subject that’s always interesting when everybody is ‘starting over’ and that is a diet change, a healthier lifestyle, a healthier mind!
Now, I have always been a really unhealthy (and a littlebit overweight) kid. So about 4 years ago I started changing my lifestyle.
Coke and sugary juices became water, pasta and bread became lots and lots of vegetables and real proteins. Sweets, chocolate and crisps went to the bin and so did my fat belly!
I started going to the gym, and before I knew it I lost 14 kilograms in a year. That’s a lotta fat! (That’s about the size of a one year old baby!! Or a smaller dog…)
I will keep this short and sweet, so you have to know nothing works overnight. You reap what you sow, but you have to be patient. At the time, when you’re in the process and only lose 1-2 kg a month it can seem a bit slow, but looking back, those months add up!
Time passes so fast and before you know it you will be rocking that bikini body. Unless you start 2 weeks before your beach holiday!

Some pointers to remember are… (research these for pages and pages of information & explanation)
-Please don’t think “miracle foods” or pills or skinny teas will make you magically turn into a bombshell overnight. As MUCH as I wish that were the case. If you think about it realistically, it cannot happen.
Here’s the sad truth. The food you eat is energy. And energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transferred, and what does it transfer into? Fat.
But eating right and exercising right (thus transferring / burning the energy you eat into energy you output) you can get that bod, as well as being healthy.
This is the only way (unless you get plastic surgery) to do it. Soz!
-Also, please don’t starve yourself. That doesn’t work either. You will just put the weight back later on, because your body is in starvation mode, like you would be in the wild, hence storing fat like a crazy motherf.. because your body thinks you are starving / dying.
-Do it slowly, and not everything at the same time!
Cut out the bad stuff one at a time, to not stress out your body and mind.I know it’s a loooot to take in at the start, but the right research and practice makes perfect, so give yourself a couple of months to be familiar with the healthy stuff (please, not fads! do not believe everyone!) and you will be just fine.
Sometimes I too get lost in this relatively new way of life too, like when I ate 2 bags of crisps every day during Christmas (ahh, shh, best days of my life) but habits stick and I would never drink a fizzy drink or eat bread anymore. Or pasta. Or put sugar in anything – eww!
But honestly, I slip up all the time and then I get up and try again, and slowly but surely I will get to a point where I never slip up or abandon my veggies, etc.. The best we can do is try out best every day, right?
Turns out I didn’t manage to cut this short and sweet.. Anyway, as an inspiration or to get some ideas, I’ve photographed everything I ate yesterday. This is what I would eat in a typical day, switching up the chicken to fish, switching up the vegetables to different colours and I usually incorporate a vegetable smoothie before or after I train.
But the core ingredients like the good fats, LOTS of vegetables and protein is always the same. No dairy, no breads or pastas and definitely no sugar.
It’s not that off-putting isn’t it? All these foods are so so delicious, and if you don’t like vegetables, just use lots of spices at first! There are so many delicious recipes and ideas out there when you look for ‘clean eating’ and if you guys like this post, I could also do some a from time to time! Maybe on my Youtube channel?
And your motto – the more vegetables you eat, the more fat you lose 😉 So broccoli, get into me now!

BREAKFAST: 3 egg whites & as many vegetables as you can manage. (I also have black coffee or coffee with rice milk, and I have a mug of hot water+cajun pepper+ginger+lemon concoction. It tastes rank! But oh so good for you..)
SNACK: 1 cup of blueberry (or other berries) & Nut Butter
LUNCH: 100gr protein (chicken, fish, etc) & complex carb for energy (sweet potatoes, carrots, black rice, etc) & lots of vegetables! That little poop there is Hummus, because I love Hummus and nobody can take away my Hummus!
SNACK: Apple, Small handful of nuts, a sneaky dark chocolate and hot water with ginger & lemon
DINNER: 100gr protein, Sweet Potato Fries & Lotsss of veg! (Okay, even I admit tonight’s dinner was kinda boring but life can’t always be all pizza and hamburgers, unfortunately 😉

Doesn’t this actually seem like a LOT of food? I know! To be honest sometimes I don’t even finish my portions, and that sneaky chocolate was only a day treat, because I am usually too full up to eat any more!
I eat every 2,5-3 hours so usually 8am, 11am, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm.
I also drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily.

I hope this post help some of you realise you don’t have to eat refine carbs for ever meal, and that life is jolly and liveable without the unhealthy stuff too!
What did you eat today? Do you ever run a food diary?



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