The Perfect Crêpe

Weather you are a Christian or not, everybody loves pancakes.
So why not jump on the bandwagon when we have a reason to eat ’em?
Even I threw out my ‘Body is a Temple’ motto today and went all eating-my-feelings.
I love a good thin crêpe as it is what I always had when I was a child, so I will share a trusty recipe with you and three ways to enjoy your thin pancakes!
All pancakes are super easy and fast to make so don’t be scared to whip this baby up.


30 grams unsalted butter melted (plus more for frying)
150 grams plain flour
325 ml milk
zest of half a lemon
1 large egg

*Whizz the ingredients in a glass mixer for fastest and best results. Your mixture should be the consistency of a thick milkshake i.e., runny!
*Heat a thin, shallow pan -the bigger the better- over medium heat.
*Melt a small bit of butter (like, small. Think pea sized) on the pan before you pour your mixture. This will help the crêpe to lift off easily and not stick.
*Pour a ladle amount of mixture in the middle of your pan, lifting it up and swirling it around the the mixture covers the bottom of the pan in a very thin and even layer.
*Let the first side cook for about 1 minute before you flip, and cook the other side for another minute.
Your pancake is ready! Repeat until all mixture is used up, of of coarse!
Mine turned out incredible, I hope yours will too! Enjoy 🙂


The Cream & Strawberry one


The Nutella & Kinder Bueno one 


The Reese’s Buttercup one 




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